Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty being part of property transaction where buyer bears its whole charges for fresh property being bought from builder. And in case of resale or property sold to second or third cost of the stamp duty is equally distributed between both parties involved in the property transaction.

This property transaction charges are paid to state government within specific period when selling deed takes place between parties. If the stamp duty is left unpaid under any circumstances then new owner won't be legal owner of that property and court would also reject any plea presented pertaining this. Further after the specified period when stamp duty is going to be attached with penalty charges rate of 2 % per monthon the deficit(loss) amount of the stamp duty and penalty canbe maximum charged up to 200% of the deficit(loss) amount of the stamp duty.

So ensure and be clear to make your property transaction truly legal by paying stamp duty and registration charges on time to avoid penalty attraction. In order to ease your calculation here we have come up with handy tool called as stamp duty calculator. It will ease your life by doing taking up the work of calculation of stamp duty with respect to each state; just select state name field mentioned as "Select State" from the drop down followed by mentioning the property value in the next field whose name mentioned as "Property Value" and you are just a button clickaway to get final value, now do a click by your mouse on the "Calculate" button and that's it you are done, you will exact value on your computer screen which will show stamp duty amount that needs to be paid to the government.

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Note : The result should be used as an indication only.

Stamp Duty Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to have legal ownership of any property, registration is mandatorily required. Stamp duty is a governmental fee or tax which has to be paid as property transaction between the buyer and seller.

Stamp Duty charges are different for different property transaction and it is also based on the state of the transaction in India. Generally, stamp duty rates ranges from 5% to 7% of the property market value.

Usally property registration fee is 1% of the property value.

Stamp duty is calculated on the property value or agreement value whichever is higher. Calculate stamp duty using our Stamp Duty Calculator.