Real Estate Investment in Dubai

Looking for real estate investment in Dubai? Know the reasons why to invest in Dubai, is Dubai good for property investment, returns on investment and benefits for investors.

Property Investment in Dubai

Dubai is economically development country provides relaxation facilities to their investors. There are many reasons that attract the investors to invest in the real estate Dubai. Some of the top 10 facilities reasons that Dubai provides to their investors are listed.

1. Relax Visa Facilities:-

Dubai newly launched various inducement offers for property investors to increase their investment. Now, investors can be eligible for residence visa for 2 years by investment of as less as of AED 1 millions. Besides this, UAE provides 'golden Visa' to the Businessmen who have invested over an AED billion total investment in the country with 10 years renewable visa facilities. Recently, law has been passed for enabling the foreign workers to bring their families to Dubai. This is for workers who have minimum salary of Dh4, 000 or Dh3, 000 plus accommodation cost is required to bring their families under this sponsorship. Along with these, UAE provides visa free-entry for more than 50 countries.

2. Tax-Free Facilities:-

Dubai is tax free i.e. no income tax is available in the country. Only on certain things include goods and services, there is 5% of VAT and corporate taxes impose on oil companies and foreign banks. Besides these, Excise taxes impose on typically harmful goods which are harmful to health and the environment.

3. High Security and low crime rate: -

Dubai is well known for its security in the world. The country was declared as safest country in the world with low crime rate. The 12th international Symposium for Police Best Practices during 2019 survey said that over 96.1% of peoples feel safe while walking at night on the streets. Except this, Dubai is counted as 3rd country has least vulnerable to any natural disasters. This information is provided according to the world Economic Fund, the World Risk Report, the NHS fit for Travel website and the foreign and Commonwealth Offices evaluation of terrorism risk measures.

4. Administrative Strength: -

Dubai is one of the safest countries to invest in. It is politically stable country despite regional rigidity. The Administrative in Dubai is significantly dynamic and involve in all activities of governance. These make the country politically stable, financial and monetary stability with well-developed banking system facilities.

5. Affordable Prices:-

According to the global wealth survey, Dubai provides most luxuries houses at affordable prices as comparison from all the major cities in the world include London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mumbai. The Luxuries homes in Dubai will be getting at US$1 million that spans upto 143 sqm.

6. Well Communicated Transportation: -

Dubai is best location to live a comfortable and luxuries life in a calm and peaceful environment because of it 200 nationalities are now become the residents of the country. There are two major airlines in Dubai namely Emirates and Etihad Airways, makes great connectivity center to rest of the world. In 2018, Dubai Airport along served over 89 million passengers.

7. Elegant Providence: -

Dubai is one of the elegant economy countries towards providence management. Everything from buying property to paying bills is done through the mobile app, since country is moving towards the seamless and online process. Even though, business registration process can be done at just online click process. The aim of the government is to reach the status of sustainable city till 2021.There is currently 200 smart initiative and more than 1,000 smart services.

8. Well Built Infrastructure:-

The Economic growth of Dubai has well built infrastructure. Last year growth in trade contributed up to 18% to GDP growth. Hence, this year aims to outplace last year's growth and expected to add another Dh23bn to the emirate's GDP.Currently,2020 project of metro is a strong infrastructure and will support Expo visitors.

9. Growth in Population:-

The population growth of Dubai is increases year by year where from 200 different countries peoples are living in case of investment, working and as the residents. This makes one of the best advantages to the investors to invest in the property project are likely to increase because of growth in the population.

10. Tourism:-

Dubai is attraction of tourism place and it also supports trade, business and other industries which lead to the construction of new hotels, real estate projects. This makes growth of investment and prices keeps on increases.