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Emaar Golf Grove Villas

Emaar Golf Grove Villas

  • Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
  • 3 bed and 4 bed Villas
  • 2911 sq.ft. - 3368 sq.ft.
  • August 2021
  • On request

+91 9819322374

Emaar Bayshore Creek Beach

Emaar Bayshore Creek Beach

  • Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai
  • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Apartments
  • 597 sq.ft. - 1489 sq.ft.
  • April 2020
  • On request

+91 9819322374

Shapoorji Pallonji Imperial Avenue

Shapoorji Pallonji Imperial Avenue

  • Downtown, Dubai
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bed Apartments
  • 825 sq.ft. - 5935 sq.ft.
  • October 2019
  • On request

+91 9819322374

Damac Fiora Golf Verde

Damac Fiora Golf Verde

  • Dubailand, Dubai
  • 1, 2 and 3 beds Apartments
  • 425 sq.ft. - 700 sq.ft.
  • December 2021
  • AED 399000 onwards

+91 9819322374

Reva Residences

Reva Residences

  • Business Bay, Dubai
  • 1 bed & 2 bed Apartments
  • 474 sq.ft. - 901 sq.ft.
  • February 2021
  • Price on Request

+91 9819322374

Damac Aykon City

Damac Aykon City

  • Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Studio, 1, 2 & 3 bed Apartments
  • 407 sq.ft. - 1582 sq.ft.
  • October 2021
  • Price on Request

+91 9819322374

Aurum Villas at Akoya Oxygen

Aurum Villas at Akoya Oxygen

  • Dubailand, Dubai
  • 3 Bed Villas
  • 2450 sq.ft.
  • -
  • Price on Request

+91 9819322374

Aknan Villas at Akoya Oxygen

Aknan Villas at Akoya Oxygen

  • Dubailand, Dubai
  • 3 Bed Villas
  • 1698 sq.ft. - 1726 sq.ft.
  • December 2021
  • Price on Request

+91 9819322374

Vera Residences Business Bay

Vera Residences Business Bay

  • AI Abraj Street, Dubai
  • Studio, 1 bed & 2 bed Apartments
  • 315 sq.ft. - 901 sq.ft.
  • November 2020
  • Price on Request

+91 9819322374

Buy Property in Dubai

When you have a dream to live a luxurious life, Dubai becomes one of the prime choices. The availability of quality properties and advanced lifestyle make the place livable for people who desire comfort. However, when you are looking for the Dubai luxury home, there are various factors to keep in mind. The evaluation of a variety of factors can help you live a luxurious life in Dubai.

Here are some of the most necessary factors to care about in order to live a luxurious life in Dubai.

1. Low traffic:

When you are deciding on the living space, office, and other facilities, it would be wise to think about the traffic too. There are luxurious locations in this city where you can conveniently live without getting worried about the traffic issues. This enhances the quality of life in the home. Plus, you get to save a lot due to the low fuel expenses.

With the availability of low traffic, you can conveniently go anywhere without struggling for long. Also, the neighborhood becomes much safer for the kids if you have any.

2. Financial stability:

If you are planning to shift to Dubai, it would be wise to plan your financial funds in advance. This way, you can wisely invest your money and ensure to attain a much-needed financial stability when you are in the city.

Try to keep a separate section of the fund for each and every expense. This way, you can manage your initial big expenses conveniently and keep a certain amount secure. Plus, the availability of enough funds will allow you to compare a variety of home choices as well.

3. The type of home:

Search for a home in Dubai can lead you to a variety of options. The beauty and the comfort of the villas and flats here allow the residents to enjoy a luxurious life. However, it is a wise move to decide on what type of home you desire.

The villas provide the beauty along with the privacy, which makes it an approachable choice for many. The weather and the environment of this city further enhance the value of the villas. Plus, you get your own pool, car parking space and other features along with it.

When it comes to flats, people prefer it for the economical and cheaper maintenance. However, that doesn't mean that you have to compromise your luxury. There are highly comfortable flats that offer high-end features. These spaces help you live a comfortable life and get along with other people at the same time.

Hence, it becomes clear that both types have their certain traits. You need to pick the one that suits your personality and requirements.

The luxury in Dubai lifestyle never ends. You just need to find the right people to provide all that you desire.

Over the years, Dubai has evolved into a truly global city offering great avenues for business and investments to people around the world. The Dubai Real Estate market is regulated and sustainable due to its central location between the East and West, and high demand for property, both for purchase and rent.

Property Investments in Dubai

Here are some benefits of investing in Dubai Realty:

1. As compared to the other global cities, like London, New York etc., Dubai is still inexpensive in property prices. This means that there is a tremendous scope for growth. This makes it a good investment option. Because, every year, the demand for properties is increasing at a rapid pace.

2. Being a global city and a trading hub properties are always in demand in Dubai and finding a tenant is not a difficult task along with a plethora of benefits.

3. In Dubai, property values are expected to invariably rise, as the government encourages business and trade to invest. You will never face a situation where the value of your property suddenly falls to zero. The real estate market is volatile as like stock market.

4. Like the stock market, the real estate market is volatile too. However, it almost bounces back. You will never face a situation where the value of your property suddenly falls to zero. Hence, investing in real estate hedges you against the possibility of a complete loss of capital. In Dubai, as the government encourages business and trade, property values are expected to invariably rise.

5. Investment opportunities in Dubai are open to all from anywhere in the world. By investing in real estate, you can benefit from the growing economy of Dubai too.

6. Banks in Dubai boosting the demand for properties by providing easing the norms for home loans. And an increased demand leads to an increase in supply. This brings better deals and more options for buyers.

7. A real estate property can work as great collateral. If you need to take a loan later in life, for unforeseeable. It ensures that you get loans quickly at a good rate. Banks in Dubai offer these loans at lowest possible rates.

Dubai is an Investment city that committed to growth and development. It ensures that you research well and find a property that helps you to achieve your investment goals. It also ensures that your money will fetches unparalleled returns. The Dubai Real Estate market is growing at a consistent pace and with the World Expo 2020 slated to be hosted in Dubai, one can only expect further growth

In a real estate market like Dubai, the decision regarding investing can be a very confusing one for most investors.

If you are looking forward to making a real estate investment in Dubai it is essential you also know about the reasons behind the increase in property prices. The laws of Dubai allow foreigners to own freehold property and the landowners also receive a residence visa for three years.

Reasons to invest in the Dubai Real Estate:

Family-friendly neighborhood:

Dubai has been a family-friendly city as the beginning of its development. In every society there are public parks, supermarkets, leisure spots, nearby shopping malls and cinemas, etc. In Dubai, every community is well planned and designed.


Dubai knows how to keep its streets and communities clean all the time. For instance, thousands of people use public transport on New Year's Eve, and all gather in downtown Dubai to witness the biggest fireworks show from the tallest building in the world, aka Burj Khalifa. You won't find a single piece of tissue paper on the streets in the morning.

Basic infrastructure:

Dubai has excellent healthcare, educational and recreational facilities. There are a widespread network of medical centers, public and private hospitals, and the city also boasts the best schools and colleges, as well as major international universities that have established their campuses there.


All major communities in Dubai are well connected and covered with the public transportation network. The main commuter service is the Dubai Metro, a driverless train/tube service.


Dubai is no doubt one of the most secure cities in the world. Dubai police are famous for their law and order maintaining skills, and due to strict regulations, Dubai is also very safe from outside threats.

Buying property as a holiday home

Holiday homes make up a thriving property market in Dubai. The favorite destinations for these are Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and downtown Dubai (Burj Khalifa district). Buying a holiday home in Dubai comes with many perks:

Get a resident visa:

One of the benefits of buying property in Dubai is that you can get a resident visa. The property value should be equal to or above Dh 1 million to qualify for UAE resident visa. If you are a frequent visitor to Dubai, having your resident visa is very beneficial as it allows you unlimited entries and exits from UAE until its expiration date. The permit can be renewed at the time of expiration.

No tax on your property:

Property investors don't pay government taxes on that property. So you are not compelled to rent your property to cover that expense, and it can be available to you every time you visit Dubai.

Sunny all year round:

Dubai's weather is sunny most of the year, with a few days of rain. The sunny beaches of Dubai are usually within walking distance of your property and are a great source of leisure.

Lots of activities:

Dubai has the world's largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), and the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), as well as countless other attractions. The city also has a buzzing nightlife. You can go for night safaris or hit any nightclub of your choice.

Buying property as an investment

This is the biggest reason why people buy property in Dubai or any other part of the world. Buying property in Dubai secures your future. It is the best way to park your funds and let them grow while you enjoy the benefits of yearly rental income should you choose to rent your property.

No property tax:

The absence of property tax is the single most significant benefit of buying a property in Dubai. Let's say you have USD 500 000 to invest in real estate. If you were to purchase a property in Hong Kong, the tax rate would be 15% of the purchase value, 13% in Singapore, 2.33% in London and 2.21% in New York.

Dubai offers higher rental yields:

None of the major cities like London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore come close to the rental yield offered by Dubai. According to the Global Property Guide, Hong Kong offers just 2.82% return on your investment. Singapore has an average rental yield of 2.83%, London comes at number three with a rental yield of 3.21%, and New York offers an average rental yield of 3.91%. Dubai is number one, with a conservative average rental yield of 5.82%. In certain areas of Dubai, the rental yield goes above 10%.

Best Places to Invest in Dubai in 2019

One of the important aspects that investors would consider before making a decision to invest in Dubai is its location. It is a primary factor while choosing an investment property.

Some of the best locations to invest in Dubai are nearby offices, tourist spots, business hubs.

Recent investors favored choice for investing in Dubai property near landmark such as follows:

Investing in Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina is an affluent residential neighborhood known for The Beach at JBR, a leisure complex with al fresco dining and sandy stretches to relax on. It is also thriving business center with grounds decorated by breath-taking towers. According to Property Finder, Dubai Marina as one of the most searched areas for property and it has consistently ranked number since 2011. Dubai Marina is an attractive place for many people on business or short-stay trips to stay. When it comes to investment, Dubai Marina is a leading choice for investing in Dubai because of nearby location of business office in Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. These advantages attract many business people because it provides the people to stay near their workplace and in a prestigious neighborhood.

Invest in Business Bay and Downtown Dubai:

Downtown Dubai is the busy tourist hub city. Home to the world's tallest tower and largest mall with its observation deck, and the dancing Dubai Fountain, where crowds gather to watch music and light shows. Business Bay, as its name implies, is Dubai's business center. Located in the middle of the Dubai. In UAE, these two are the main tourist destination areas. In Investment prospective both locations have a great potential for growth.

Invest in Barsha Heights (TECOM):

Barsha Heights formerly known as TECOM located in the heart of Dubai. The area has abundant collection of commercial and residential buildings as well as hotels and serviced apartments. These are suitable for seeking to invest in Dubai. It is a top choice for visitors because it is considered as a business hub for investment. Barsha Heights become an integral part of Dubai's diverse landscape because of its vibrant and popular community.

Invest in Jumeirah Village Circle:

Jumeirah Village Circle is considered one of the fastest growing locations in Dubai. It is the heart of new Dubai and set amidst landscaped gardens, it boasts a range of amenities making it a favorite for both renters and buyers. It is developing to provide all the modern facilities of the city and sense community in tranquil and village settings. The development offers a broad range of homes that ensure privacy and proximity to public space and as a self-contained community, the walkways and transport systems will increase mobility for residents, creating a fun, safe ambiance perfect for social interaction. . According to Bureau International des Expositions, Expo 2020 will be attracting millions of visitors to the country. JVC's central location is expected to increase demand for hotel rooms during and after the Expo 2020 which will increase investment in Dubai.

Dubai Sports City:

Dubai Sport City a multi-venue sports complex in Dubai. It provides a mix of residential, retail, leisure and recreational facilities. It was launched in 2003 as Dubai Sport center. It is built around five major sports venues and features a number of sports academies. It is recommended choice for investors as millions of visitors are expected to arrive in Dubai for the Expo 2020. Has it is close to Dubai's major roads and only 15 minutes away from Expo 2020.